1) AI Photonics - Decision Making by Photons-

This project physically resolves decision making problem, which is one of the most important elements in information and communications technology (ICT) including artificial intelligence (AI), by utilizing the unique physical nature of photons. Specifically, diffraction-limit-free nano-scale photonic decision making is investigated by utilizing photochromic materials and near-field photons. Furthermore, ultrafast decision making is developed whereby the ultrahigh-bandwidth nature of photons and chaotic dynamics of lasers are exploited. Meanwhile, applications such as instantaneous channel assignment in communications and ultrafast arbitration for solution searching are studied to fully benefit from the potential of our photonic decision making technologies. This topic is funded by JST CREST.

References: Journal of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (2018.9), Scientific Reports (2017), Scientific Reports (2018), arXiv

2) Architectural Foundamentals for Functional Systems

The extensive progress of ICT and AI imposes further demands to optics and phtonics while the emergence of new device technologies require novel design of system architectures and data processing technologies. We will explore innovative architectures for arbitration-free information network by precision synchronization technologies, physical securities by nanoscale complex patterns, etc.

3) Natural Computing / Natural Transformation Design

Toward developing computing using natural processes, theoretical fundamentals are important, which is also the key concept of our department highlighting the importance of intertwining physical world and information world. For such purposes, we will explore the concept and the design fundamentals, what we call "Natural Transformation Design" by utilizing modern mathematics including category theory as well as model theories based on empirical findings.

References: Journal of the Japan Society for Artificial Inteligence (2018.9), International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (2018) , Philosophies (2017), Journal of Optical Society of Japan (2018), Complexity (2019)